History behind the “Pano de pente” - Krioulo Flavour scarf

The cloth is a fabric comb made by hand, in traditional loom. The name is due to the instrument with which these cloths are made, called comb!
A comb comprises four rods palm; two wooden sticks with the shape of a saw, a pulley, which allows movement of the rods; pedal and the comb; the shuttle with a shape resembling a canoe small and permitting release the horizontal lines of cloth, having in its interior a shuttle line and a wire brush that allows the bearing line. Formerly used up the cotton yarn produced in Guinea-Bissau, but nowadays are more used imported lines, despite some “big women” still resort to cotton lines that weave themselves.
The large cloth weavers comb, called ficial, belong to ethnic papers and Manjacos, however all groups use cloths, in rural areas and in the city. The weavers ficial or as they are called in Guinea-Bissau, craftsmen are skilled in weaving cloth. They are the creators of these tissues. Leaving the loom, the cloth goes to the skilled hands of women. It is women who “pontam”, sew, twist the ends – making cadilhos -, embroider and dye, giving the final finish to the cloths. The reasons the scenes are inspired by nature, animals from land and sea, in community events; weavers are creating the models, built using chopsticks called “garbage” where born geometrical figures, faces, contours and sayings. In the set of wires of various colors lighter rises a tissue or thicker depending on the number of wires. Cloths old names that have not changed for centuries, being the name in Creole, the image of bees is Bagheera; cloths debuxos imitating eyes cow is called baka di Udju; cloths with pictures of the large tree, considered sacred in Guinea-Bissau Poilão called, is named Polon; letters of the alphabet-inspired Panu letter. The geometric figures found here and there in the leaves and branches of trees, masts of ships, the stars, will be entering elements like images and names of cloths. The cloth is also used as a robe and a blanket: the speared cloths are simple and fairly light.